About Hayward Design Build

Dreamland Court New Home Construction

We are passionate about the process of designing and building homes. Our team will guide you through the designing, budgeting, and building phases, to ensure that your home reflects your lifestyle and suits your needs for beauty, comfort, efficiency and durability.

At Hayward Design Build we understand that your long term enjoyment in your home goes way beyond aesthetics.  We have learned a lot about maximizing the homes comfort and long term affordability. We offer super insulated air sealed building envelopes. We assist with site planning including proper solar orientation, the use of passive and active solar, appropriate windows on each façade to fully exploit the suns energy. This helps create a very comfortable home with minimal, and potentially zero, annual energy costs. Often times the additional costs of upgraded windows and additional insulation and air sealing is offset in large part by reductions in the sizing of heating and cooling equipment need.

Our knowledge of sustainable building options will give you the opportunity to make informed decisions around building an efficient and sustainable home that will last a lifetime.